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The former craftsmen's yard in Magdeburg is developing into the region's innovation center with the Health + IT Campus. Startups and established companies come together here - exchange ideas, support each other and develop new ideas together. This lively exchange and mutual assistance is exactly what the Health + IT Campus is all about Read More
Dedicated to deeptech companies with high growth potential, Centech is a world-class business incubator based in Montreal. Centech performs particularly well in the fields of medical technology, manufacturing, telecoms and microelectronics and other intelligent objects. Read More
It aims to enable owners of nascent, small and medium enterprises to identify their potential and ability to establish and manage their projects, discover their inherent creative abilities, and translate their ideas into distinct service and productive projects.  Read More
Ch9 is an incubator and business accelerator that helps innovative companies grow and thrive through knowledge, investment support and access to local and regional markets.  Read More
Brilliant Lab is a business accelerator in the Kingdom of Bahrain that focuses on supporting technology startups by providing them with financing and co-working spaces between Kuwait and Bahrain. Read More
Brinc is an ultra hands-on hardware accelerator that supports entrepreneurs looking to unlock the world’s data through connected solutions. We invest into early-stage IoT startups operating in the GCC and MENA region. Read More
ACT Pro assists in the process of establishing successful companies by providing them with a comprehensive and integrated set of related services.  Read More
A Community Co-Working space for both Startups and Investors under one roof. Read More
The mission of the Education Accelerator is to shape future education and accelerate the acquisition of 21st-century skills. Startup thinking, future technology, and STEAM skills are key pillars of our entrepreneurship education programs and training. Read More
We are a global family of industry-focused programs. We support early-stage tech founders to rapidly scale their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry. We’re able to provide an unmatched level of support to the startups selected into our programs. Read More
Several times a year, Orange Fab France selects promising start-ups and offers them a business development program, as well as managerial reinforcement. Our goal: to build commercial partnerships with Orange market lines and market lines of large group partners, at national and international level.  Read More
ITC’s work is demand-driven and client oriented. We provide tailored support, aligned with national objectives, to grow trade opportunities for our client MSMEs, business support organizations and policymakers in developing and lest-developed countries. Together, we work to improve trade competitiveness, reduce poverty, and strengthen economies. Read More
At LaStartupStation, We undertake our own projects, and we co-undertake with startups, corporates, NGOs, public or private institutions, the innovative projects of tomorrow! In 04 years, we have built a solid value proposition in the field of the deployment of digital projects mobilizing Open Innovation and the technologies of tomorrow.  Read More
Launched in 2018, Kinaya Ventures is a Dakar / Abidjan based innovation and investment platform that connects outstanding entrepreneurs to large corporations and investors and fosters open innovation in Sub Saharan Africa. We empower and upskill outstanding entrepreneurs. We build bridges. Read More
500 Global will nurture seed-stage tech companies in Alberta through the Alberta Accelerator by 500 program.  Read More
TMT’s management has a proven track record in identifying successful companies with exit potential Read More
Innovate Kingston is a not-for-profit organization aimed at building a community-wide ecosystem that supports startups in the tech sector Read More
ProSky is aimed at helping startups develop by providing a range of services including management training and office space to mention a few. Read More
The Athens Digital Lab of the City of Athens is the first municipal, tech innovation hub to support tech ideas that are spun into advanced IoT solutions. To address the real needs of Athens and supply tailored answers to the modern challenges of the city, the development and maturation of these applications is essential. Read More
Uni.Fund aspires to support the growth of successful ventures that address emerging market needs and leverage the hidden potential that exists in the Greek Universities, R&D and Tech Space. Read More
Metavallon VC is a €32 million venture capital firm that specializes in pre-seed and seed stage funding of disruptive technology companies. We invest in and work alongside ambitious entrepreneurs, helping them build transformational businesses across multiple stages, geographies and industries. Read More
VentureFriends is entrepreneurial investors who love to support founders and help create disruptive startups and eventually sustainable businesses. Read More
Starfleet is a decentralized accelerator for Blockchain startups building applications on the æternity platform Read More
Unitel Creative Camp is a Unitel T+ and Business Incubation Center (BIC) innovation competition aimed at promoting entrepreneurship and innovation and the development of high-impact business projects. Read More
Adelaide Business Hub helps small business owners become more profitable. Read More
Seoul Start-up Cafe in Nakseongdae is a public space that supports startup activities of Seoul citizens. It provides coworking space, meeting room, and cross media studio. Read More
Seoul Start-up Cafe in Hongdae supports startups for young adults, based in the Hongdae and Hapjeong areas. Located 5 minutes away from Exits 2 and 3 of Hongik Univ. Station, Seoul Start-up Cafe in Hongdae is a Glocal (global + local) co-working space where Korean and non-Korean entrepreneurs and pre-founders can collaborate. Read More
Seoul Start-up Cafe in Sinchon provides co-working space and numerous startup-related programs to all (pre) founders, including university students and young adults. Seoul Start-up Cafe in Sinchon is an open space for establishing a startup ecosystem and supporting startups in the early stages. Read More
Seoul Start-up Cafe in Soongsil supports startups in the early stages, by providing startup preparation spaces for (pre) founders, university students and the general public. Seoul Start-up Cafe in Soongsil helps pioneer marketing channels through consulting and startup talk forum education, and provides complimentary photo studios for products. Read More
Seoul Start-up Cafe in Daehangno hosts numerous events and conducts startup projects at its pleasant facility (about 110 py) to spread startup culture through local micro-enterprises and abundant human resources with culture and art backgrounds. With the best network, including experts and faculty members specialized in startups, Seoul Start-up Cafe in Daehangno provides systematic education and mentoring. Read More
Maker Space G-CAMP provides one-stop support for production and investment through hardware startup accelerating programs, with the support of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups/Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Creativity. Read More
SB Creative Factory is a space where citizens can easily access advanced technology, design their own products and fabricate them using 3D printers. SB Creative Factory provides prototype production and startup mentoring services to solo businesses and startups owned by young entrepreneurs. SB Creative Factory wishes to serve as a stepping stone that promises a bright future for young entrepreneurs. Read More
Seoul Smart City Center is a base for discovering and spreading innovative technologies and convergence services in digital and contact-free industries. Seoul Smart City Center will be at the forefront of discovering digital innovative products · services Read More
Seoul Innovation FabLab is a production laboratory that conducts the Fab City Project, including nurturing citizen producers, supporting the establishment of FabLab, and developing digitally produced content. Seoul Innovation FabLab aims to produce 50% of items that Seoul City consumes by 2054. Read More
Digital Blacksmith Shop supports the realization of ideas in order to spread maker culture and revitalize startups in Seoul. Digital Blacksmith Shop offers a variety of services, from equipment operation and training on prototype production to equipment use and expert consulting. Read More
Yangjae AI Hub is an organization for revitalizing the local industrial hub of artificial intelligence(AI). It provides an environment where AI-related people/experts can communicate and exchange ideas through various programs. It also provides education programs, office spaces and infrastructure to the public as well as AI technology-based startups and a research community to make an autonomous AI research environment. Read More
Fintech Lab Seoul is a Fintech support organization established with a plan to expand the base of the Korean Fintech industry, create a startup ecosystem and develop Seoul as the center of Fintech in Asia. Through professional accelerators in charge of operation, Fintech Lab Seoul provides customized assistance with mentoring, competence training and Demo Days in each field, including commercialization, investment, marketing, technology development, legal/patents, overseas expansion and promotion for each growth stage. Read More
Seoul Fashion Creative Studio (SFCS) incubates fashion projects to support new designers with creative and fresh ideas. Currently, numerous designers are working on projects at SFCS. Seoul Fashion Creative Studio provides workspace and customized programs, including PR, marketing, education and consulting for creative and business activities. Read More
Seoul Blockchain Center, established in December 2019 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, is the only incubator that supports blockchain companies through a local government in Korea. As of November 2020, Seoul Blockchain Center has 35 blockchain startups as members. Read More
Seoul Bio Innovation Center is an incubator specialized in the Biomedical sector. Having startups within 5 years of foundation in medicine, medical device or digital health sectors as well as partners, including AC and VC who can help members grow, Seoul Bio Innovation Center provides customized on-site consulting when needed. It provides an environment that boosts growth rate. Read More
Seoul Industry-Academia Bio Center supports the growth of excellent startups within 10 years of foundation in medicine, medical device or digital health sectors. Seoul Industry-Academia Bio Center uses an extra point system for excellent startups to select companies with high growth potential from the recruitment phase. In connection with SEOUL BIOHUB, it provides customized support programs for each stage. Read More
Seoul Biohub is an innovative platform for startups in biotechnology, such as medicine, medical devices and digital health. Seoul Biohub provides full-cycle programs from preparation for startups to commercialization of technologies, including discovering promising companies, mentoring, training and attracting investment. Seoul Biohub collaborates with global healthcare enterprises and organizations for open innovation, while running numerous projects to help startups scale globally. Read More
Seoul Foodtech Startup Center is Korea's first startup incubator specialized in agri-foods. With the exceptional platform of the quaternary sector, which can create new value through convergence of the extensive business network of Seoul as an international city, large consumer market, tradition and cutting-edge technology, Seoul Foodtech Startup Center helps achieve the dreams of food tech startups in the agri-food sector. Read More
Seoul Design Incubating Center discovers entrepreneurs in preliminary or early stages who have creative ideas in the design industry. Through specialized spaces and differentiated programs, it will be the driving force for growth. Seoul Design Incubating Center aims to create jobs and revitalize the design industry ecosystem. Read More
Seoul Game Contents Center operates "Indie Game Fast Track" to boost game startup growth by providing office space and assistance with game development and marketing. As an incubator specialized for the game industry, Seoul Game Contents Center creates synergy through e-sports promotion by operating e-sports stadiums and hosting international competitions. Read More
Seoul Central Women’s Development Center provides counseling and space for female-led startups, and improves management skills through refresher courses. Seoul Central Women’s Development Center helps women become professional female entrepreneurs in a knowledge information society. Read More
Space Sallim is the largest startup support organization for women in Korea and operates a complex for women and family. Space Sallim "creates a startup ecosystem from a gender perspective" and supports "the healthy growth of companies and people" within. Space Sallim provides a variety of facilities and programs, including office · sales space for startups, as well as shared office, shared office with children allowed, studios, shared kitchens, child care and education centers. Read More
Seoul Woman Craft Center, the Arium is a multicultural platform that specializes in supporting and promoting creative and entrepreneurial activities for craftswomen. Seoul Woman Craft Center, the Arium provides shop-style studios (53 rooms), customized startup assistance, and innovation programs to (future) female craft entrepreneurs, while offering craft exhibitions / education / market / lifestyle craft programs to local residents and citizens. Read More
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